by ShadyVox

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I am unstoppable.
With every sword that I swing.
With every horror I bring.
Won't quit until I'm unstoppable.
I am unstoppable.

No matter how big the task
that comes across in my path
I'm gonna' make it incredible.
I am unstoppable.

And I'll take it all. (Oh, you're phenominal)
'Cause' I'll never fall.
Slowly nearing. One way forward.

[verse 1]
Unstoppable. When nothing was an obstacle.
Not impossible, but losing isn't optional.
Take you down in a burst. I gotta' armor up.
Coming at you at the full speed, show you what I got.

Rewind and reverse is not easy.
To backtrack the attack and bring it back.
Atlantis was the warm up, if you wanna' come up, make a try, give it a go.
'cause Cannibal Crab is waiting for a reason to blow.

I'll just craft my skill, while I find the will,
to keep my mind flowing, always knowing that the time's going.
Waiting for the chance to climb, this new incredible mod of mine,
is not too kind whenever the tides rise.

Flying into the unknown, but I set the pace home.
Even Cody couldn't keep up with my flow, i'm so
slaying it, and, I'm still playing it.
Just the one shot makes it all, and you better watch me take it.
I'm making my pose and my power still grows.
Everybody's gonna' see it up close, that I am unstoppable!


[Verse 2]
Let the sword empower you.
When they surround and try to damage you, take advantage to
the mobs coming right at you. I know what I'd do.
I'd fight it through, I got sharpened tools.

But now all the ghasts have got a task to blast.
I gotta' take a step back, 'cause it's coming at me fast.
It doesn't matter how hard they try to push past.
I'll return it ten-fold, you won't get the last laugh.

And now I glide that line, eye-to-eye is how I meet 'em when I fall behind.
But my throw is so wide, the entire time, while I'm up high,
I hit 'em all in one like a skyline drive-by.

Lay a strike without a warning, leaving all of the Nether mourning.
Even when they're spawning. It should be dawning that my name is
the hero that everybody's been calling. This game will leave you crawling.


Oh, I'll mine into the cold.
The final step is slowly nearing. One way forward.

[Verse 3]
I'm gonna' burn it down.
There's no backing out. I'm getting closer now.
Forever grinding's gonna' let me have the turnaround.
I came up from the underground. But you didn't hear a sound.
You gotta' try and keep up; if you want, I could show you how.
Just what my skill is all about, we'll find out, my weapons are gonna' make me be the last man standing.
I've got arrows for hours, and magical powers, my inventory's never ending, always extending, and now I

Land with the hits. Relentless, launch it all, brute-force tactics. Whatever sticks
I craft it all from scratch, only talent, no tricks. Build the XP, nothing's gonna' get through this.
All the mobs in the world wouldn't get two hits. No TNT, I know how to scatter cube bits.
Yeah, I do it all the time when I'm making new picks. I'm a sign in disguise here to demonstrate who is.

So now I'm lock and re-loading. The final challenge is coming, I gotta' trade up all my diamonds, get my stock up, overflowing.
See what I have got. But at the rate that I'll be going, I'll have my plan up and running, way too late before they know it.
Setting up the execution, preparation's the solution. Got my sights lined up, direct hit, I won't blow it.
It's the start of the end when my spell take motion, hide your eyes, or get blinded by my huge explosion.

Gotta' walk the line. I'm teleporting to the front steps of my fate. Destiny is waiting, I'm performing
the most glorious and fantastic battles. The kind that'll shine forever, never dawning. That'll
be the one remembered as the radical adventure. Call it mine. Caught the sightline of the Herobrine, at the
same time as the Hydra. I'm full power charge, coming right at 'cha!



released February 2, 2017



all rights reserved


ShadyVox UK

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